Pumpkin Patch

Shoot half ears of corn at our talking targets with the Corn Cannon. See how good your aim is or you can challenge your friends for a little competition. Try your hands at pumpkin chunking.  Our Pumpkin Chunking slingshot can hurl pumpkins amazing distances while you try to hit the targets in the field.

The fee for the Corn Cannon is .50 and for the Pumpkin Chunkin is .75 a shot. Choose from hundreds of great pumpkins in our Pumpkin Patch. Pumpkins are pre-priced.

Corn Canon Tickets 
Single Shots75¢ Each BUY
12 Shots$8.00 BUY
100 Shots$45.00 BUY

Pumpkin Chunkin Tickets 
Single Shots$1.25 Each BUY
8 Shots$8.00 BUY
100 Shots$85.00 BUY

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